Wow!  I just l…

Wow!  I just looked and seen that I have been the most horrible blogger ever!!  Summer is ridiculous. Catching up edits, Wedding Season, preparing for Class of 2013 Seniors…the perfect time to do all the stuff I don’t have time for in the Spring.  Excuses, excuses. I know.  But without them-what else would I have?? lol

One of my big, big prpjects has been completing all the Street Crew 2013 photo shoots and compiling the slideshow for the website and promotions.  Havn’t seen it yet?  Check out the link below:


Spring is definitely in the air!

I’ve just been terrible about blogging!  So many photo shoots, so little time.  As of today, I have photographed 38 High School Seniors!  My goal was 40, so I am super pleased!!  There’s still a couple of weeks left of potential shooting, too!  Take a look a few samples of what I’ve been doing the past couple of months.Image





Kotey CRHS {class of 2011}

It’s atrue Missouri girl who has her Senior photo shoot on a day in February when the high is 23 degrees!  We did play around a bit in studio, and with the fan!  glamorous!  Then outdoors we went. I tried to choose locations where she could get in/out of the car quickly.  Man, that wind was freakin’ COLD!  Thanks Kotey for a fun afternoon, and sorry about the tears😉

This craZy winter weather!

We’ve had 60 degree days and now 20 degree days!  Thank goodness the camera room is up and running on those chilly mornings when we can’t be outdoors. Shooting outdoors is my favorite though, and I am super stoked that I’ve been able to do some shoots in/around town. But I have to say, it’s been great to brush up on my studio lighting skills and freshen up the background stash.  I mean, this family seemed to like it just fine!

The end of the year craziness…

We all go through it… we all do it. Frenzied shopping, eating all the inappropriate foods, feeling stressed and rushed for no apparent reason really.

It started with me this year when the time came to get the tree up and decorated. We had just survived The Super Sweet 16 party of the year and honestly were feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. Everyone around me was all “got that tree up?”  “oh, my tree has been decorated since Thanksgiving!”  “What you don’t have your tree up YET?”  all well-meaning and good intention people unknowingly making me feel pressured for time.

So, UP goes the tree.  Pre lit, hinged. Couldn’t be easier. EXCEPT the lights in the middle of the tree were burnt out. Naturally. I made a quick dash to the local Dollar General to grab some lights for use as fill in.  DONE. 

While looking at my bare, pre lit, hinged Christmas tree I was struck by a random thought. Do I really NEED to decorate it?  It’s totally fine to have a bare tree.  SO that’s what I did. I’m calling it a “primitive” tree this year. ha! 

With the BIG day nearly here, I have to say I’m not really missing the whole over the top decorations I normally do.  It’s cleaner, simpler.  Calmer.  Something that I must be in need of this holiday season.

I plan to hit some after Christmas sales and purchase a new tree on sale, one in which ALL the lights work! Maybe next year, I’ll be inspired to actually put some tinsel on.  Oh Yeah, baby.

Peace and simple Blessings to you and yours this season …

Class of 2013 Street Crew

It’s that time of year again, to start thinking about if YOU have what it takes to be a member of the Studio Sj Photography Street Crew for Class of 2013!!  I am looking for spokes models from all the area schools including Windsor High School, Warrensburg High School, Leeton High School, Knob Noster High School, Centerview High School, Holden High School…  What does it mean to be a spokes model? It means 2 awesome Senior Shoots, and a chance to earn $200 ! CASH!

You just gotta start by going to the following link and fill out the q&A, then I will send you an official application:

Be sure to check out the video from last year’s HOT spokesmodels here:






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