Sweet Baby M

Okay, so I make mistakes. Sometimes the kind that make you gasp!  I took some sweet photos of Baby M, I mean great light, cute expresions…near perfect. I get them home to work on them. My plan is to take the data card out, replace it with a new one that needs to be formatted. I have the camera sitting on my counter when the dog begins the potty dance. I take the dog out, she does her thing and I return to the counter where my camera is laying, pick it up and proceed to delete and format the card.  But WAIT!  The new card is still lying next to the camera. Which means I deleted those precious newborn (insert gasp! here) images.  I frantically called the Mom and told her what a dumb a*# I am and fortunately we were able to reshoot immediately. Lesson to be learned here? Either stay focused and don’t let distractions get in the way, or let the dog pee on the floor.  I honestly believe sometimes these mistakes end up working out better in the end anyway. See for yourself…

Gloria and Angel’s E-Session

He lives here in Missouri, She lives in Cali. Long distance relationship? I’d say YES, but they’re working it out. This cute couple has been together now for 1.5 years and have a January wedding planned. To be held in California. (I offered to fly cheap and take their wedding photos!) Gloria contacted me via my website (got to appreciate a good online presence) and we scheduled the whole thing through email! Imagine my thrill when this gorgeous couple stepped out of the truck!  YEE-HAW (it’s a Missouri thing, guys:) We met at Knob Noster State Park which is always a lovely place with lots of great options. And shade, which is especially great when it’s hot and humid! These two are just toooo cute and we managed to have a little fun while shooting.

Four kids, 2 parents and 1 Photographer

Next time I’ll be sure to bring an assistant. It’s not easy making sure 6 pairs of eyes are looking somewhere in your general vicinity!  What a patient group of kids. At least until the bugs overtook us! Oh, and it helps that the parents bribed them with ice cream! This family loves down the street from me. The mom and I go way back in the pre-children phase. (When it was just dogs!) SO it was a treat to get the photograph them. Bugs and all!t

Siblings that Rock!!

So this little guy, when he first met me, said his name was “Rock”. I told him MY name was “Star”. SO together-we were rockstars!!  And he and his baby sister pretty much rocked this photo shoot, too!

Family Get Together

what a fun family this is!  They were all so relaxed and had such a great energy. The grandparents have been married 60 years! Unreal. This family is blessed,

Relaxed, Fun Family Shoot…

I mean, really, could it have gotten any better??

Making Memories

so, the Allen’s text me and said they just wanted some fun, casual pics of the family. I think we nailed it!


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